#BadMoonRising Michelle Beddows #IndieAuthor #thriller #mystery

Michelle Beddows is featured as part of the Bad Moon Rising series on the Books and Such blog.

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Let today’s author brighten up your Monday morning with a serial killer mystery/thriller – welcome, Michelle Beddows!

Detective Darker is a 25 year veteran of the Homicide division, close to retirement he gets the biggest case of his career. A serial killer who is torturing and killing women. The serial killer has been named by the tortured women as ‘The Whisperer’ because he whispers a Mormon bible passage to them before he kills them and dumps their maimed bodies in an industrial park. Detective Darker has a new partner and is working with the Behavioural Science Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigations to solve this crime. Things get worse before they get better. Detective Darker being the consummate professional, must catch the killer before the body count gets too high and the entire city becomes a powder keg.  

Favorite Halloween costume?

I think my favorite as a kid was…

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