5 Reasons to Make and Use Flash Cards

Check out this post from the Uninspired Writers blog on the value of using flash cards when writing your novel

Uninspired Writers

Morning writers, I hope you are all well!

My blog post today focuses on what I’m calling ‘Flash Cards’ and some reasons why I think it’s beneficial to make and use them while writing a novel. As with any advice, this is one person’s opinion and may not be for you, but personally I have found flash cards immeasurably useful. I touched on these slightly in my post about beating the writer’s slump, but would like to go in more depth today.

By flash cards, I mean a lot of cards (I used revision cards, you can buy them in most stationary stores, or make your own) each with a scene from your novel written on it. It only needs to be brief. Mine included a basic ‘what happens in this scene?” sentence, for example “police investigate murder scene.” I also included the location of the scene…

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