Raven’s Dawn Part 15 #horror #thriller #Halloween

It’s Part 15 of Charles Yallowitz’s Halloween horror thriller, Raven’s Dawn, as featured on his Legends of Windemere blog.

Legends of Windemere

(The voices are calling to those who forgot to visit yesterday.)

Madras Christian College

“Pencils on the floor!” Mrs. Addison shouts, jolting Apollo from his test. Passing by his desk, she takes his test and rolls it up like a map. “Good to see you do the work instead of doodling like usual, Mr. Chambers. By the way, class, whoever gets the lowest grade will have to help Marcy in the library. She has bookworms and I promised to send her an expendable helper. Now, please take your regular seats.”

All of the students stand and move one chair to the left, none of them reacting when those already at the end fall through the wall. Sickening thuds can be heard in the ceiling, which seeps blood above Mrs. Addison’s desk. The ostrich standing by the board grabs a bucket to put under the drops before using its wings to…

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