The Villain’s End

Check out this post from L.R.’s Inkwell blog on the fate of villains in your writing.

L. R.'s Ink Well

I’m sure you have noticed in the majority of books that deal with good versus evil, the villain dies at the end. Unless it’s comic books and in that case the villains never seem to die.

It’s ingrained in our moral conscience that good triumphs over evil and the only way to defeat said evil is that it must be completely eliminated. Most wouldn’t be satisfied unless the world/story is rid of the evil villain. The death would also pay for the innocent lives related to the evilness. We want the world to be good. We want the hero to have that happily ever after so they no longer (ever) have to deal with the ordeal the author has already put them through.


I would like you to keep the options open. Why does the evil villain have to die? Why would his/her death pay for those sins committed?…

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