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Author Staci Troilo is featured on the Books and Such blog as part of the Bad Moon Rising series

Books and Such

Happy Friday 13th!  Maybe you’re superstitious about the date, but I’m not.  My youngest son was born on a Friday 13th, so I consider them very lucky.  And we’re fortunate today to have Staci Troilo here to share a chilling paranormal experience, along with her paranormal novel, Love Set in Stone.  Welcome, Staci!

Gargoyles have always fascinated me. Actually, I didn’t realize it wasn’t necessarily gargoyles, but grotesques, that captured my fancy. Those gothic sculptures atop cathedrals with demonic faces and frightening forms are so compelling to me.

You can imagine my surprise when I discovered they weren’t intended to be frightening at all.

Gargoyles are misunderstood. I think they, as well as other myths and legends, are often portrayed based on assumptions and biases rather than how they were actually created. We see it in the Bible (Nimrod isn’t a moron, but rather a well-respected, mighty man). We see…

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