A Publication Day Interview with J.D. Dixon, Author of The Unrivalled Transcendence of Willem J. Gyle

Check out this publication day interview with author J.D. Dixon as featured on Linda’s Book Bag blog.

Linda's Book Bag


Having studied philosophy for part of my degree I was so intrigued that J.D. Dixon, author of The Unrivalled Transcendence of Willem J.Gyle, is currently studying for a degree to include that discipline that I had to ask him onto the blog to tell me more in interview.

The Unrivalled Transcendence of Willem J.Gyle is published today, 12th October 2017 by Thistle and is available for purchase here.

The Unrivalled Transcendence of Willem J. Gyle


In a Scotland beset with depression, Willem is one victim among many. He loses his job, his mother dies and he is forced out of the flat they shared. Seeing no other option, he takes to the streets of Edinburgh, where he soon learns the cruelty felt outside the confines of his comfortable life. Stories from his past are interwoven with his current strife as he tries to figure out the nature…

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