5 things to do when you don’t connect with your characters

Check out this great post from Bernadette Benda’s blog on how to connect with your characters.

Bernadette Benda

Characters. Our novels would be nothing without them, just a bunch of trees and abandoned neighborhoods and castles. There would be no plot and hence no story and hence no novel.

We need characters. But more importantly we need fleshed out, amazing, multi-dimensional characters who jump off the page with pzazz and splendor.

Yeah. That’s a lot to live up to.

This is most easily accomplished when the author (you) connects with the characters. Which happens a lot. And it’s great as the characters come alive, grab your plot, and throw it away and run off to do their own thing. (actually, it’s not so great who am I kidding).

But then there are those characters that are just…nothing. They are about as interesting as a talking piece of cardboard. Actually worse because a talking piece of cardboard would be very scary. More like a paper towel…

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