Book Review of ‘The Bigamist’, by Mary Turner Thompson

Check out this review of the book, The Bigamist, by Mary Turner Thomson as featured on Stevie Turner’s blog.

Stevie Turner

Mary Turner  Thompson has won the accolade ‘Best Seller’ for this book, and the coveted little orange badge.  You will understand why when you read her story, which I give 4 STARS to:


Mary Turner Thompson is an intelligent woman and is now a full time author, but started out as a marketing consultant, business adviser and motivational trainer.  She had a good career and her own home, but had the bad luck to be taken in by an extremely manipulative con-man.

Will Jordan had charm and good looks, and he knew how to use them to get what he wanted.  He also had an insatiable need for vast amounts of cash, with no scruples about how he would go about obtaining it.  Once he had wooed and wedded Mary he systematically set about relieving her of her life savings, which she gladly gave to him as the explanations he…

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