Travel 101: My EDC (Every Day Carry) List

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

EDC or Every Day Carry seems to be a hot topic. Checkout almost any blog or YouTube channel dealing with adventure travel, survival or the Zombie apocalypse and you will find a post talking about EDC. I usually take them with a grain a salt because they are very, very subjective. Give me reasons not simply opinions. Please.

On occasion I learn something new (and agree with the recommendations) but often as not I find myself laughing at the armchair cowboy and the wannabe survivalist. It’s one thing to be sitting in front of the television shoving pizza into your pie-hole and quite another to be in the field trying to stay alive (Zombies aside).

When visiting these sites I first look for the poster’s Street Creds (what makes them an expert I should listen to, what is their experience?). In the case of adventure travel and…

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