Writing for Immersion

Check out this interesting post from Steven Capps blog on writing for immersion.

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Immersion is an essential element when writing a novel. This doesn’t mean that it is the most important element (which is a topic that could start a world war) but in order to have enjoyable novel-length story it is neccassary. From a slush reader’s standpoint, it is one of my criteria in order to pass a story up.

When it comes to immersion, once I open the page, I want to be completely engrossed in the story. There are three essential elements to achieve this: a well-realized setting, believable character motivations, and a reason to keep reading.  Needless to say, it is far easier to list these than it is to write them.


A well-realized setting is needed because the setting is element that creates the world that the reader sees. This doesn’t mean a writer needs to know every law for their fictional kingdom but rather that they should…

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