What Do You ‘Like’ About Writing? Your Answer Changes Everything

Here is an interesting post from the Novelty Revisions blog on identifying what you like about writing.

Meg Dowell Writes

Why do you write?

Everyone has their own answer to this question — there is no right or wrong response. Some people do it to relieve stress or sort through their emotional baggage. Others do it to stay connected with the outside world. And of course, there are those who write solely for the paycheck — it happens.

Even still, everyone who writes faces creative blocks. Maybe you’re fine until you hit a point where you’re doing more research than actual writing — and you hate that. Maybe you have no problem getting started, but finishing feels like an absolute foreign concept to you.

Maybe our hangups aren’t the problem, though.

Maybe we’re simply forgetting to look for the parts about writing we enjoy the most.

What you ‘like’ about writing will change the way you personally approach your craft.

Let’s say your favorite thing about writing is being able…

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