Under Construction – Templates and Scrivener

Check out this post from the Archer’s Aim blog on templates and Scrivener.

Archer's Aim

Under ConstructionLike any construction project, your writing is only as good as the foundation. With Scrivener templates can play an important role in creating your next writing project and the ease with which you progress. Templates can be like blueprints for your projects so let’s take a look at them today.

I’ve recently written about uses for Scrivener such as blogging and various email message templates. I received a comment from my most recent post sharing Scrivener templates for blogs, one from AllIndieWriters.com and the other posted at ThaddeusHunt.com. This is excellent information for those interested in blogging with Scrivener.

Templates are easy to make with Scrivener and they provide you a way to design basic projects of various kinds.

But how do you make a template should you want to create one yourself? It’s rather a simple matter. I’ll describe it and provide some links with screenshots.

BlueprintsWhen you…

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