Kathryn McMaster: Author in the Spotlight @TrueCrimeNovels

Meet true crime novelist, Kathryn McMaster from this post on the Portobello Book Blog.

Portobello Book Blog

Kathryn McMaster

I’m very pleased to welcome Kathryn McMaster who is answering my Author in the Spotlight questions today. Kathryn’s latest book Blackmail, Sex and Lies tells the fascinating true story of Madeleine Black in Victorian Glasgow. More about that below. You can order a copy of the book online here.

Thanks for joining me Kathryn. First of all, would you tell me a little about yourself?

I was born an only child to elderly parents. However, my mother was an avid reader who spent hours reading to me and buying me a large collection of books, many of which I still have. My father was not a reader. He thumbed through gardening magazines, but never gardened, and pored over home decorating magazines, but never decorated. The only books he would read were of true crime. It was those that I found and read late at night with the aid a…

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