How to Deal with Rejection as a Writer

Check out this great post from the Knowledge is Power blog on how to handle rejection as a writer.

Knowledge is Power

Being a writer is phenomenal. The ability to relay ones imagination through carefully crafting ideas into a seamless chain of words and phrases is such an incredible skill. Nevertheless, a chain is only as strong as its weakest tangle, and speaking of weakness, rejection can either kill or build a writer.

Consider the following statements, which you might have come across as a writer, or which you should sooner or later expect in your writing career:

  • Client-to-Writer: Your writing is so poor, and your paragraphs aren’t communicating a thing. Did you even proofread your work? This is just crap and you better look for something else to do apart from writing…
  • Publisher-to-Author: Am sorry but I can’t publish your work. It does not meet my standards, and you know that I’m not willing to tarnish my name. So if you could only excuse me and try looking for another publisher…

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