When It Rains by Brooke Harris @BrookeHarris_

Check out the book, When it Rains, by Brooke Harris, as featured on the By The Letter Book Reviews blog


33913368.jpgBook Description:

I’m dying.
I’m not afraid. It’s my time.
I see so much of me in my granddaughter, I know she will help our family once I’m gone. I just hope she can help herself before it’s too late.

My grandmother is dying.
I’m afraid that it’s time.
She has given me a gift. A book.
The story of her past, a lesson to save my future.

Nana always said ”you don’t find true love. It finds you”.

My Thoughts:

When It Rains is a story that flicks between Holly in present day and Annie, her grandmother, in the past.

I knew from the moment I started this book it was going to be an emotional roller coaster and I certainly wasn’t wrong. Holly my heart went out to. Not only is she going through a rough time but her grandmother who she is extremely close to, is dying…

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