The Dos and Don’ts of Finishing your First Draft

Check out this great post from the Uninspired Writers blog on the dos and don’ts of finishing your first draft

Uninspired Writers

There is nothing, quite like finishing a first draft. Nothing quite so exciting and relieving…and I have done it, fellow writers!

Last Sunday, after typing up my blog post here I settled down with my writing and…I did it! I don’t know how else to say it, I felt a little bit shocked for a while. After two years of work, including a year I spent not writing for various reasons, a few bad weeks for writing, and a big old writer’s slump I had finally done it…wow!

I’ve always said I’d like to keep my blog posts relevant to where I am at within my writing journey, or current with new tips and advice I’ve discovered…so today’s blog post will focus on the Dos and Don’ts of Finishing your First Draft. I hope you like it!

Things to DO upon finishing your first draft

1. Celebrate

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