Raven’s Dawn Part 2 #horror #thriller #Halloween

Legends of Windemere

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Notre Dame

Trina tries not to giggle as Bryce kisses her to deliver a fourth shot of whiskey, the tipsy girls having claimed a corner of the room for themselves. Curled up with each other on a large beanbag chair that reeks of beer, they ignore the drunken guys that stare at them. At first, they would wave at the leering faces, but an hour of being asked if they were interested in a threesome by men and women has made them more reclusive. Wearing jeans and nude-colored shirts that mark them as first and second place winners, Bryce and Trina enjoy being warm and covered. The rest of the party is nothing more than background noise, which a panicky young man is desperately trying to keep down to a mild roar. Playfully whispering to each other, the couple reach for their final shot…

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