All is not Forgotten: Book Review

Check out this review of the book, All Is Not Forgotten, by Wendy Walker, as featured on the Reflections and Nightmares blog

Reflections and Nightmares- Irene A Waters (writer and memoirist)

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Wendy Walker spared us no mercy in her first chapter where we were privvy to the details of the rape suffered by Jenny. Not only did the description leave us feeling raw but the unknown narrator and his almost stream of conscious narrating unnerved me. Who was this person who knew such intimate detail. We weren’t to find out until chapter 7 and the psychological impact on me as reader was immense. By the time I found out I could not put down the book if I’d tried. I had to know the ending.

Following Jenny’s vicious rape her mother overruled her father and agreed to treatment that would wipe the memory of the rape from Jenny’s mind, in the hope of Jenny not suffering from PTSD as a result. The treatment was successful and Jenny carried on with life almost as though nothing had happened apart from…

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