Interview with Fantasy Adventure Novelist Claire M. Banschbach

Check out this interview with novelist Claire Bansbach as featured on Rachael Ritchey’s blog.

Rachael Ritchey

Earlier today, in our announcement of the Rebirth of The Rise of Aredor Series, I promised an interview with the author. Never fear, for my word has been kept (only because Claire is awesome).

I had some random questions for Ms. Banschbach, but in the wackiness of my brain there is a rhyme to the reason (or lack thereof).

We have a splendid opportunity to know the author behind this world of Aredor, to see how she thinks and connect in a way that would otherwise be unattainable. This is one reason to appreciate the freedom of the internet.

So, let’s put Claire in the hot seat and get this interview rolling!

Rachael: What sort of character is your favorite to write?

Claire: While I do like the snarky, easy going protagonist, I’ve been working on a character who has some anti-hero tendencies, and I’ve really enjoyed writing him…

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