Woman Enters Left by Jessica Brockmole #review @jabrockmole @AllisonandBusby

Check out the book, Woman Enters Left, by Jessica Brockmole, as featured in this review on the Portobello Book Blog.

Portobello Book Blog

Before I started the blog, I read Jessica Brockmole’s Letters from Skye which I absolutely loved. I thought it was so clever as the entire romantic love story was told through letters. I saw her at the Edinburgh Book Festival that year and really enjoyed listening to her talk about the book. So I was really pleased to be offered the opportunity to read her latest novel, Woman Enters Left.

Woman Enters Left tells the connected stories of Ethel and Florrie in the 1920s and Ethel’s daughter in the 1950s. Ethel and Florrie are making a long cross-continent road trip to Nevada and ultimately Hollywood. They had been childhood friends, though that friendship had drifted when Ethel married. Florrie is heading to Hollywood to start a film career while Ethel is hoping to meet up with her husband in Nevada and convince him not to divorce her. Thirty years or…

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