Quotation Rules: Dialogue

Check out this great post from the Ediket Blog on quotation rules in dialogue.

Ediket Blog

The first article discussed the basics of what quotation marks mean and when to use single versus double marks. The second article explained some special formatting tricks to help you make quotations fit your specific work of writing. This one will help you iron out how to represent spoken lines, or dialogue, in text.

Who said what?

In the first article, we used this example:

Joey said, “The ranger’s motto is, ‘I’m here to get the job done.’ ”

With the attribution (the part that tells you who is doing the speaking, Joey above) on the left, a comma precedes the quotation and end punctuation comes at the end of the quote. Notice what happens if we move the attribution to the other side:

“This is going to be a great trip,” announced Kim.

Even though the quote is an independent clause, it is part of a longer sentence that includes…

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