Location and Writing: A Guest Post by Elka Ray, Author of Saigon Dark

Check out the book, Saigon Dark, by Elka Ray, from this guest post on Linda’s Book Bag blog

Linda's Book Bag

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I was recently introduced electronically to Elka Ray, author of Saigon Dark, by Henry at Crime Wave Press and when I realised Elka lives in Hoi An, a place I visited a couple of years ago on an amazing trip to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, I had to find out how her location has affected her writing.

Saigon Dark is available for purchase here.

Saigon Dark

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Good and bad. Life and death. Some choices aren’t black and white.

A grief-stricken young mother makes a rash decision, then spends the next decade living a lie. She’s rebuilt her life and is starting to feel safe when she gets a note: ‘I know what you did’.
Can she save her daughter from her dark secret?

Location and Writing

A Guest Post by Elka Ray

After high school, I spent six months backpacking around Southeast Asia. It was 1989 but feels…

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