Writing Tips: 5 POWER Elements You Must Never Forget

Check out these five power elements that should be part of your writing from the Knowledge is Power blog.

Knowledge is Power

Great writers are made, not born. If you are a writer or aspire to be one, I have one challenge for you: if you must forget all theories concerning writing tips, kindly do so save for the POWER acronym. Today I present to you 5 key elements that make noble writers.

I am pretty sure that in your search for good writing tips, either as a novice or veteran writer, you must have come across many books, articles and blogs covering the same. Let me make it crystal clear at this point that the tips you found are undoubtedly very resourceful and informative, and I do not wish to hereby discredit any of those writing tips. I instead want to summarize all that information on writing tips into a simple acronym that I label as POWER.

P: Passion

O: Originality

W: Write, write, write

E: Excellence

R: Rejection



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