3 Traits that All Successful Writers Reject

Check out this thought-provoking post from The Maltese Tiger blog on three traits that successful writers reject.

The Art of Narrative

You’ve thought about it for years: becoming a writer. But something is holding you back. What could it be? Perhaps it’s one of these three destructive traits.


Ah yes, the unreasonable belief that everything will go wrong, always. This trait is characterized by a lack of hope, a smarmy disposition, and an insufferable amount of arrogance.

Sometimes we mistake optimism for naivete. This is a huge mistake, especially for a writer. The only way you’ll make it in this world is with a hefty stockpile of optimism. Because you’re going to be rejected. Over and over again. That’s just the process. Don’t take it personally. Don’t be jaded. It’s okay to be a terrible writer because you will get better, but not if you give up.

So don’t give up!

Pessimism will tell you to stop trying. Why try when you know everything, eventually, goes wrong?

Why? Because, eventually…

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