Viva la E-books

Check out this great post from Author Megan Morgan on the virtues and pitfalls of eBooks.

Megan Morgan

When I first started out as a writer, there was no such thing as E-readers and E-books. I’m going to date myself horribly here, but there was no such thing as the internet, either. Well, it existed, and has, much longer than we realize, but it wasn’t in widespread use in homes and wouldn’t be until the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Likewise, though they existed, laptops were not a “thing.” I started out on a typewriter, then a word processor, then finally a computer.

When E-books first started increasing in popularity and availability, they were also met with a lot of horror and condemnation. Ray Bradbury famously insisted that E-books were not real books (so, sorry, if you’ve ever had a book published in E-format, Ray Bradbury says you’re not a real writer) and in his later years he had to be coerced by his publishers to allow his work…

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