7 Tips to Writing Villain Friendships

Here are some great tips from author Charles Yallowitz on writing villain friendships from his blog. Be sure to check out this and his other great posts and his new book.

Legends of Windemere

Team Rocket from Pokemon

Let’s be honest.  Bad guys can have friends too.  You don’t see it very often though.  We like to believe that villains are incapable of having a positive relationship.  They always have to backstab, betray, and connive against those that are close to them.  Is that really the way to succeed as a villain?  I beg to differ.  So, what are some things to consider when it comes to making two villains be genuine friends?

  1. Give the characters something in common besides being evil.  If that’s all you have to go on then it’s doomed to end in betrayal.  Sure, you can go that route for comedic effect, but that’s really about it.  Maybe the villains enjoy the same movie or the same food.  Perhaps they both have an interest in restoring stained glass windows.  The sky is the limit for what can spark a friendship.

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