Protecting Bedlam: Fall of the Neon Nero Part 2

Legends of Windemere

Previously on the latest tale of Cassidy & Lloyd.

(If you want, buy their previous rampages for $2 by clicking on the covers below.)

Cover by Jon Hunsinger

Cover by Jon Hunsinger


The stairwell stops at the fifth floor thanks to a suspicious pile of rubble that includes two arms that do not match. Doubting that they can go back downstairs, Cassidy and Lloyd stay alert and open the gaudy entrance to what is supposed to be a casino. Hit by the stench of fresh blood and a balmy heat, they stand still long enough to let the door swing back in their faces. Without saying a word, the pair try again and step into a level of carnage that they have not seen since passing through the Texarkana warzone. Bodies of guards are everywhere, all of them looking like they have been torn apart by a wild animal…

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