Announcement: The White Arrow Release Date!

Add this release date for The White Arrow, by P.H. Solomon, to your calendar and check out the information on this book at the Archer’s Aim blog.

Archer's Aim


I’ve been a bit quiet with new posts lately and with good reason. As noted last month, the release of The White Arrow is approaching so I’ve been busy with the details in addition to some other fiction projects that are pending. I’m happy to say that The White Arrow has come along rather well and quickly. The editor found little out of order or missing from the book so we’ve worked rather quickly through the various stages of editing.

So now for the announcement and additional information about The White Arrow. Release day has been set at October 23rd to give me the most allowed time to complete the book. However, since I’m ahead of schedule, I’m actually setting the official date at 10/3 – 20 days sooner! The book is currently in pre-order for $2.99 which is the release day sale price and can be found at…

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