How to Get Your Book Published by Jane Friedman

Check out this great advice taken from a Jane Friedman post on how to get your book published. This comes from Author A.R. Rivera’s blog.

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The following post was written by literary agent and author Jane Friedman. I snagged this post from her website because it’s definitely worth the read for any author seeking traditional publication.

I haven’t included all of her links, but if you need them all you have to do, is visit her site and click.

If you wish to publish a book, you have more choices than ever to accomplish your goal, and the path can be confusing when you’re new to the publishing industry. This post lays out the process in the simplest terms possible.

There are three primary paths to getting published:

Land a traditional publisher who will offer you a book contract. This is “the dream”—what most writers imagine when they think about getting published.
Hire a publishing service to help you publish your book. There are many types of publishing services out there, some cheap and some…

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