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Autobiographical Meanderings

Well, the proliferation of social media has, for several years now, caused me a few skeletal problems, including lockjaw (from gritting teeth) to aching shoulders (from trying to keep Facebook et al at arms’ length). BUT, for initially, and no longer entirely, selfish reasons, I have begun reading, and enjoying, ‘literary blogs’. It is about time I made an effort to take a step further, and contribute.

I was born and raised in Dudley, in the West Midlands. It used to be part of Worcestershire, which has a famous cricket team. My father (now dead) was mortified when we had to change our address from Dudley, Worcs. to Dudley, W. Mids. W. Mids. still doesn’t have a cricket-team.

From the age of about seven, I enjoyed reading and writing. That was fine, provided I didn’t use too many long words in public. I passed the Eleven Plus and…

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