My #Bookreview of #Victorian #Romance The Trouble With Seduction by @VictoriaHanlen

Check out this review of the book, The Trouble With Seduction, by Victoria Hanlen, as featured on the Rosie Amber blog.

Rosie Amber

The Trouble With SeductionThe Trouble With Seduction by Victoria Hanlen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Three Point Five Stars

The Trouble With Seduction is a Victorian romance published by Carina UK. It is set in London in 1855. Lady Sarah Strethford has been widowed twice; a busy lady, she wishes to shed her widow’s weeds, and have some fun. But all is not well. Her brother is pressuring her to marry again, whilst the renovations to her former husband’s laboratory have been halted by a murder investigation.

Meanwhile, the heir to Viscount Falgate, Damen Ravenhill, has been called home after his brother was attacked and left in a coma. With his father wheelchair-bound, Damen must follow in his brother’s footsteps and discover the real reasons for the attack.

In a complex plot, Damen disguises himself as his brother to flush out the culprits. He finds himself juggling a mysterious foreign lady, a…

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