.@WattPad Raccoon is a New Digital Storytelling App

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WattPad has just launched a new digital storytelling app for the iPhone and iPad called Raccoon. This app leverages video to tell great stories that are told in 60 seconds or less. Each of these videos is brief, and they feature a true story told by the person who lived it. They can be funny, eye-opening, serious or entertaining. The experience is sort of like a popcorn confessional.

Wattpad co-founder Ivan Yuen said in a statement, “Raccoon’s focus is to deliver real stories from real people, and it’s a critical step forward in realizing Wattpad’s vision to connect and entertain the world through stories. As we look to the future of storytelling,” he says, “it’s clear that video will play an important role—digital video audiences are predicted to reach 2.15 billion this year alone.”

Read more https://goodereader.com/blog/e-book-news/wattpad-raccoon-is-a-new-digital-storytelling-app

WattPad Raccoon is a New Digital Storytelling App

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