Keeping it Legal

Check out this great post from the Story Empire blog on the topic of public domain works.

Story Empire

Hello SErs, Harmony here! Well, it’s September already, and I cannot believe where the time has gone. Speaking of time, it has great relevance for our writing, or more specifically, what we might want to use therein. The timing of a work with copyright determines whether our use of it remains within legal limits. Two things work in tandem here: Copyright and Public Domain.

PUBLIC DOMAIN … what is it and when does Copyright fall into it?

Public Domain status on a work allows a person unrestricted access and unlimited creativity. Any works that fall within Public Domain are not restricted by Copyright and do not need a license or fee to use.

Some writers and artists enter their work into the Public Domain immediately so that it is freely available for others to use. Most writers, however, will put a Copyright on what they produce. By adding the ©…

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