Guest writer – Michelle Clements James – A Ghostly Figure in the Hall

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Just after my 6th birthday, my parents bought an old house in what was then a rural area.  It was purported to be haunted, though Mom and Dad did not mention that to myself nor my brothers and sisters. I remember shortly after moving into the house, I left my bedroom and as I entered the hallway, a misty figure appeared before me.  I screamed!  Dad came running with Mom just behind him.  I told him I saw God.  Even now, after so many years, I can still see the knowing look he gave my mother.

You might think that whatever frightened me would have been thrown off by my screams, but the spirit kept coming back to me.  He (I’ve always thought it was a he) would playfully lift me up and let me “fly” around the room when my parents were in another part of the house. …

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