Review of Just Henry by Michelle Magorian

Check out this review of the book, Just Henry, by Michelle Magorian from this post on the Insane Owl blog.


Review of Just Henry by Michelle Magorian

Reviewed by Fiza Pathan

20170421_172319Just Henry by Michelle Magorian is a book that I have been coveting to read for a long time. I managed to get my hands on it and read it a few weeks back. It is a 702-page-book, with a lot of action, drama and suspense. It tells the story of a fifteen-year-old boy, Henry Dodge, and how he handles challenges in his life in the backdrop of 1949 London, just after World War II. This book covers the early black and white films of the last century and how children like Henry who lived in post war England, used to find solace from the anxieties of their life, at Picture Palaces, watching these movies. If you like films and the cinema, this is the book you should be reading. It may be 702 pages long, but for a…

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