The Importance of Setting #guestpost by @SteveCatto #SnowflakesTheBook

Check out this guest post from author Steve Catto on the importance of setting

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Steve Catto Author photo courtesy of Kristi Louise Herd

Have you ever wondered how an author decides where the action in their book is going to take place? Today I’m joined by author Steve Catto as he tells us about the importance of setting in his recent novel Snowflakes.


I have been asked why choosing the setting for my book was important.  For the answer to be meaningful it’s necessary to understand some key aspects of the characters and the plot.

‘Snowflakes’ is a story that can be described in several ways, because it exists on several levels.  There are four characters, each of whom has a unique role to play.  The two older girls find themselves taken away from their homes by mysterious events, to a strange place where  they meet with a handsome hunter called Sam, and are forced to live an isolated existence.  At some point they are joined…

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