Can You See Me Now? Guest Blog Post By Juliet Nubel

Check out this fascinating guest post from Juliet Nubel as posted on Dan Alatorre’s blog.

Dan Alatorre

dan your humble host

Occasionally on the blog we’ll feature a fellow author type who has discovered something you all need to know about (and if you already know this one, you still might check to ensure it works). Hey, if you already know, why didn’t YOU write a guest post for the rest of us and pull us out of the dark ages??? What’s up with that, Smarty Pants? You to good to help out?


Where was I?

Oh yeah.

Juliet Nubel is a friend of the blog and has commented here a lot and on other blogs. She’s a winner in our recent Word Weaver Writing Contest – and she found out something you might wanna check out.

But I’ll let her explain.

Here’s Juliet.

Can You See Me Now?

Maybe some of you have already seen my name. I’ve done a couple of guest blog posts here…

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