Generating Compelling Ideas (or at least trying)

Here is a great post from Steven Capps’ blog on the generation of compelling ideas.

Bard & Books

Hey friends, some more awesome news! PodCastle won an award! (For any new readers, PodCastle is the magazine in which I am an Associate Editor at.) You can see a picture of the trophy below, which is for “Best Fiction Podcast” presented by the 2017 Academy of PodCasters Awards.


Just in case you are interested, we open back up to submissions in October and are looking for pretty much any fantasy up to 6,000 words. Head over here to check out our submission guidelines. Don’t forget we pay $0.06/word for previously unpublished work.

Other than the award, school started up (my full-time job is teaching) so it has been pretty hectic. Also, next weekend I’ll be in Atlanta with a bunch of people from the Escape Artist family for DragonCon, so if anyone else is going feel to meet up let me know. Anyways, it is probably time that we…

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