Photography 101: Don’t Let Fear Paralyize You

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

You love photography and the great outdoors but you’re afraid of being out in nature by yourself. Fear can ruin your life. Its been my experience that fear, when faced head-on, is in most cases ephemeral and goes up in a puff of smoke (fear is mostly a mental construct). Buddhist philosophy is full of advice when it comes to dealing with an overactive mind (often called a Monkey Mind)—but bottom line your mind can be your greatest enemy when given free rein.

I am primarily a wildlife, landscape and travel photographer ( and the wilderness is my second home. I’ve loved nature since I was a kid and I’ve relished the solitude and peace it can give for many years. I can remember as a five-year old boy (in 1952) hiking down into our local canyon at sunrise completely alone. From that point…

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