Smorgasbord Guest Writer – Size Matters by Julie Lawford

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

This week Julie Lawford examines the modern trend of serving food up on larger and larger plates and dishes. Portion control is essential when you are losing weight and most of us underestimate the calories in the food we are eating by between 10 and 50%. The temptation to fill your plate is followed by the guilt at leaving some of the food to go to waste.

Over to Julie to talk through this trend that is leading us all to eat more.

It seems that eight inches isn’t enough any more. When did dinner plates get so absurdly, gigantically… enormous?

When you’re trying, as I am, to eat more healthily, it’s not just about what you eat; it’s also about how much you eat. And it got me thinking about the size of the plates and dishes in my kitchen.

When I was growing up, dinner plates were around…

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