Everything happens somewhere: setting as a character PLUS #BookReview of DRAWING LESSONS by @patricia_sands #romance

Check out this great post from Barb Taub’s blog.

Barb Taub

It’s a Big Universe, Everything Happens Somewhere: —Doctor Who: “The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe”

[NOTE from Barb: This was my introduction to a review of Patricia Sand’s earlier Love in Provence series, but it seems even more appropriate to her latest release.]

When I’m reviewing a book, I have a little rubric I follow. (Well, I always mean to follow it anyway…) I think about plot, and about structure. I think about style and setting. And most of all, I think about characterization. Do the characters change and grow? Do I like them? Or at least care about their fate? Do I miss them when their story is done?

Every once in a while—very rarely but it happens—there is an unusual additional character, a subtle but pervasive entity so strong it has its own identity and even plays an important role in the story. It’s the…

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