Book Review: The Other Side Of The Story by Marian Keyes

Check out this review of the book, The Other Side of the Story, by Marian Keyes, as featured on the Capture the Moment in Words blog.

Capture the moment in words

I bought this book because of the blurb on the back. It said something about a writer and a person that works in a publishing house and I thought this would be a great read and sort of say something about the reality about being a writer…Well what can I say…It wasn’t exactly what I thought. I like to read books that have a meaning or make me think or touch me on some sort of emotional level, but this book did neither. I mean this book falls straight into the category of chic lit. It was an easy read and lacked sophistication. It was good as a bedtime read, when I am not able to think much anymore 😉 You may say now that this is to be expected of Marian Keyes. I have never read Abeokuta by her before, but at least now I know what audience she…

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