Why Tension Drives Stories

Check out this insightful post from Dan Alatorre on the role of tension in story telling

Dan Alatorre

dan your humble host

I’ve been watching a TV show/miniseries about the Unabomber, and it’s basically told from the point of view of the FBI agent who ultimately got enough information together to capture Ted Kaczynski.

As I was watching the third weekly episode, I realized that it was very compelling drama – and I wondered why.

Half of my brain loves just enjoying the show and the other half of my brain – or less, I guess – breaks it down and analyzes it.

WHY is it good drama?

Why am I tuning in week after week?

Why do I like a certain character or dislike a certain character?

The guy from Sex And The City plays a boss pretty high up in the FBI. Below him but above our agent hero is a Jerk Boss.

We really dislike the Jerk Boss because he’s a jerk – but what does…

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