Getting a Gig as an Audiobook Narrator

Check out this post from Steven Capps on his opportunity as an audio book narrator from his blog.

Bard & Books

Hey friends, and welcome back! I have some exciting pieces of news for you before we jump into the post. As always, if you are only here for the content related to the title, scroll down and you see the beginning just under one of the awesome pictures supplied from Pexel. (I know I have said this before, but if you run a blog and are not using Pexel, you are missing out. All their images are free and do not require attribution, but I like to show them some love every now and then to spread the word. Also I am not affiliated with them in any way.)

This summer has been crazy busy for me. This is actually the first post I am writing since being back home from all my travels around the American southeast. During the last couple of months, my short story, “Error Network Down,”…

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