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art1Everything You Need To Know About Self-Publishing On Amazon

There is something magical about a book. You read words and sentences hatched in somebody else’s brain. In the process, your mind takes flight and your imagination soars.

I believe everyone has a book in them. Indeed, I meet so many people who express the desire to write one… someday. Maybe you’d like to pen a memoir, a novel, a how-to guide or a work of nonfiction. Whatever genre you’d like to share, it has never been easier to produce an eBook, paperback or hardcover. If you’ve ever wanted to become an author, then here’s an article that will help you get your book published through Amazon.

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Self-publishing an audio book is truly an art form that takes patience, skill, and plan for success.

The world of digital and recorded media is competitive. So, it’s best that you go into the project with an understanding of how you’ll stand out from the competition, as well as give your audiobook the best chance for success.

While there is much to be mindful of (there are books written on self-publishing books!), the following considerations are key to ensuring your end-product has the right specs, and marketability:

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One Woman’s Journey Through Indie Publishing

It took four years to write my thriller, but only three months to see it morph from a 122,000-word computer file to a book available on Amazon and at local bookstores.

I had received enthusiastic responses on the book, Thread of Gold, from advance readers, but rejections from dozens of literary agents — the gateway to traditional publishing. So last February, I decided to “indie” publish the book. (“Indie” is the new buzz word for self-publishing.)

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Driving Down the Price of Publishing

Not too long ago, self-published authors were collectively admonished about the need to invest in their work. Hiring quality editors, proofreaders, cover designers, and formatters before attempting to sell a book was the constant mantra of industry experts. While some hapless writers continued to slap their Word docs up on Amazon and hope to snare a few readers, authors who took their careers seriously made the proper investments.

Around that time, a number of startups emerged, all billing themselves as eBay-like marketplaces for author services. Many of those startups have shuttered their virtual doors, while a few that produced meaningful connections between authors and publishing service providers have managed to thrive. But that hasn’t stopped newcomers to the game from trying to continually undercut the concept of paying for quality work.

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art5China and the US make nearly half the world’s books

Two years ago the world’s publishers collectively put out over 1.6 million books. About half of them came from just two countries.

The International Publishers Association (IPA) is a non-profit based in Geneva that studies and promotes global book publishing. Each year the association releases its global publishing stats, and for the past several years China and the US have dominated.

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