One Argument for Writing Every Day

A Writer's Path

by Tonya R. Moore

Recently, writers all over the Internet got outraged over an article declaring that unless you write every day, you’re not a real writer. I don’t share this article’s sentiment however, I do believe that if you can carve out the time and summon the wherewithal to write every day, you should.

Writing is worthwhile enough to warrant the time and effort it takes to write every day.

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2 thoughts on “One Argument for Writing Every Day

  1. I have an obsession about writing which is the time I am at my best. I am a later bloomer though and once I started writing there was a tap that that flowed constantly. Sometimes it takes a single word or sentence to get an idea started. I can’t say that I write everyday but pretty close. If I don’t write my dreams start. It is pretty bad when I have dreams where I am writing. My relationship with writing is a love, hate one. It is a half to not necessarily a want to some days. It does help keep my sanity intact.

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