Holiday in Hamptons- Excerpt

Check out the book, Holiday at the Hamptons, by Sarah Morgan, as featured on the Books and Readers Site blog

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Let’s jump right in , shall we ? So here’s the excerpt :
Cover_Holiday in the Hamptons_Shara Morgan.jpg

“I never think about it.” The lie came easily even though a day rarely passed when she didn’t think about it. She also thought about what Seth’s life might have looked like if he hadn’t met her and occasionally, when she was indulging herself, what her life with Seth Car­lyle could have looked like if the circumstances had been different.

Harriet studied her with a mixture of concern and exasperation. “Are you sure? Because it was a big deal.”

“As you say, it’s been ten years.”

“And you haven’t been seriously involved with a man since.”

“Haven’t met anyone who interested me.” Anyone who measured up. Anyone who made her feel the way

Seth had made her feel. There were days when she won­dered if what she’d felt had been real, or if her teenage brain had…

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