“Watch RWISA Write: Month-long-blog-tour. Featured author Harmony Kent. #RRBC #RRBC_RWISA

Meet Author Harmony Kent from this post on Suzanne Burke’s blog.

Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke.


Rave Writers – International Society Of Authors (RWISA)

August is Watch RWISA Write month. We will showcase a different author each day. Today, we celebrate author Harmony Kent.

Let’s learn a little more about Harmony.

The Author’s Story

HARMONY KENT is an award-winning, multi-genre author, as well as an avid reader and writer, who lives in rural Cornwall with her ever-present sense of humor and quirky neighbors.  Some of her publications include THE GLADE, INTERLUDES, FINDING KATIE, POLISH YOUR PROSE and SLICES OF SOUL.

Harmony enjoys supporting her fellow Indie authors and works hard to promote and protect high standards within the Indie publishing arena.  She is always on the look-out for talent and excellence.

Harmony  is single and not admitting her age.

Live or Die?

Harmony Kent

Sometimes, you need to accept help. Sometimes, you need to admit that you need it. Sometimes, you need…

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