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Another Woman's Husband: A gripping novel of Wallis Simpson, Diana Princess of Wales and the Crown by [Paul, Gill]

Almost exactly this time last year I was enthralled with Gill Paul’s last novel The Secret Wife which I subsequently included in my Top Reads of 2016. For some mysterious reason, it has become my most read review ever with it being viewed several times every day since then. If you’d like to add to those numbers, you can read the review here: The Secret Wife

As she did with The Secret Wife, Gill Paul has taken a well known historical event  and woven it into a story which imagines what may have happened. She is adept at intertwining fact with fiction to create a compelling novel. The historical aspect of this story looks at the long-lasting friendship between Wallis Simpson and Mary Kirk who met at summer camp in America in 1911. Their friendship lasted many years through various relationships, scandals and heartbreak before finally breaking down over a…

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