Do you know what to expect?

Check out this great post on what to expect from an editor or proofreader from Jean’s Writing blog

Jean's Writing

When hiring an editor or proofreader?

The prices are all over the map, so to speak, but thanks to Dan Alatorre we now have a good idea what to expect. Dan broke the prices down so even I could understand what to expect. I mean, no one likes to get hit with sticker shock. Finding the right editor or proofreader for the right price is a delicate balancing act for each writer. Even a children’s picture book requires a professional touch.

Read Dan’s blog post and tell me what you think. I really want to know. Although my novel is not ready for prime time yet I hope by years end to be editor shopping myself.

Have you ever hired an editor? How was your experience?

Do the prices jive with Dan’s?

How did you find your editor?

Do you know what publishing costs to expect?

Proofreding and Editing Rates (not…

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